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Meeting up with tweek`

We left the warm embrace of the wifi from which we posted about our stay on Skyline Drive to venture into the depths of West Virginia, to meet a long-time irc friend of Sarah’s, who goes by tweek` on irc. Plans had been made, though fuzzy, and we hoped that armed with an address and…

The beautiful view

The Shenandoahs

The past few days have been spent in the Shenandoah national park.  The night before heading up on skyline drive we stayed in Shenandoah river state park. Once heading up onto skyline drive, we did not get very far.  The stunning overlooks kept us pulling over and we only made it to Matthew’s arm campground,…


From the Beach to the Mountains

Arriving in Nags Head, NC with no trailer and all of our worldly possessions piled into our minivan felt like defeat. This was washed away by the beauty of the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and the carefree schedule of a family vacation. We had to decide between sticking it out a…


Murphy’s Law

If anything can go wrong, it will… right? We were scheduled to leave Houston on August 12th. Prior to that, we brought our vintage canned ham to a trailer shop to get the bearings looked at. After a week they had done no work, and claimed we told them not to work on the trailer….