Operation 99% responsive design allows for full screen images and interactive elements on Desktops, Tablets, and Phones.

Operation 99%

Operation 99% is a small, unfunded organization of activists who vehemently deny that trying to make the world a better place is a foolish goal.  CosmicThreads has designed the site and provides hosting to this group.

Kepler Framing

Kepler Framing had a website that had not been updated in a number of years. Cosmic Threads updated the website, moving older content into a new format, including google maps integration, image editing, and a responsive design. The sidebar was converted into a top level menu bar, and the gallery pages were redesigned to be…

Broke Ass Pizza Co-op

Broke Ass Pizza is a worker’s cooperative based in Houston, TX that needed a website with social media integration and online ordering capabilities. This responsive design incorporates automated photo importing, social media links, functional online ordering, and information on what Broke Ass Pizza is about.